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@@ -145,12 +145,13 @@
      * @param blockedCount  Number of times blocked to enter a lock
      * @param blockedTime   Approx time blocked to enter a lock
      * @param waitedCount   Number of times waited on a lock
      * @param waitedTime    Approx time waited on a lock
      * @param stackTrace    Thread stack trace
-     * @param lockedMonitors List of locked monitors
-     * @param lockedSynchronizers List of locked synchronizers
+     * @param monitors      List of locked monitors
+     * @param stackDepths   List of stack depths
+     * @param synchronizers List of locked synchronizers
     private ThreadInfo(Thread t, int state, Object lockObj, Thread lockOwner,
                        long blockedCount, long blockedTime,
                        long waitedCount, long waitedTime,
                        StackTraceElement[] stackTrace,