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  * <p>Each {@code PKIXRevocationChecker} must be able to check the revocation
  * status of certificates with OCSP and CRLs. By default, OCSP is the
  * preferred mechanism for checking revocation status, with CRLs as the
  * fallback mechanism. However, this preference can be switched to CRLs with
- * the {@link Option.PREFER_CRLS} option.
+ * the {@link Option#PREFER_CRLS PREFER_CRLS} option.
  * <p>A {@code PKIXRevocationChecker} is obtained by calling the
  * {@link CertPathValidator#getRevocationChecker getRevocationChecker} method
  * of a PKIX {@code CertPathValidator}. Additional parameters and options
  * specific to revocation can be set (by calling {@link #setOCSPResponder}