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@@ -1785,11 +1785,11 @@
      * Private member function that converts the parsed date strings into
      * timeFields. Returns -start (for ParsePosition) if failed.
      * @param text the time text to be parsed.
      * @param start where to start parsing.
-     * @param ch the pattern character for the date field text to be parsed.
+     * @param patternCharIndex the index of the pattern character.
      * @param count the count of a pattern character.
      * @param obeyCount if true, then the next field directly abuts this one,
      * and we should use the count to know when to stop parsing.
      * @param ambiguousYear return parameter; upon return, if ambiguousYear[0]
      * is true, then a two-digit year was parsed and may need to be readjusted.