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@@ -53,10 +53,13 @@
      * specified input stream into a properties table.
      * @param props the properties table to populate
      * @param in the input stream from which to read the XML document
      * @throws IOException if reading from the specified input stream fails
+     * @throws if the document's encoding
+     *         declaration can be read and it specifies an encoding that is not
+     *         supported
      * @throws InvalidPropertiesFormatException Data on input stream does not
      *         constitute a valid XML document with the mandated document type.
      * @see Properties#loadFromXML

@@ -71,10 +74,12 @@
      * @param out the output stream on which to emit the XML document.
      * @param comment  a description of the property list, can be @{code null}
      * @param encoding the name of a supported character encoding
      * @throws IOException if writing to the specified output stream fails
+     * @throws if the encoding is not
+     *         supported by the implementation
      * @throws NullPointerException if {@code out} is null.
      * @throws ClassCastException  if this {@code Properties} object
      *         contains any keys or values that are not
      *         {@code Strings}.