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@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
  * jerror.h
  * Copyright (C) 1994-1997, Thomas G. Lane.
- * Modified 1997-2009 by Guido Vollbeding.
+ * Modified 1997-2012 by Guido Vollbeding.
  * This file is part of the Independent JPEG Group's software.
  * For conditions of distribution and use, see the accompanying README file.
  * This file defines the error and message codes for the JPEG library.
  * Edit this file to add new codes, or to translate the message strings to

@@ -106,15 +106,15 @@
 JMESSAGE(JERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY, "Insufficient memory (case %d)")
          "Cannot quantize more than %d color components")
 JMESSAGE(JERR_QUANT_FEW_COLORS, "Cannot quantize to fewer than %d colors")
 JMESSAGE(JERR_QUANT_MANY_COLORS, "Cannot quantize to more than %d colors")
+JMESSAGE(JERR_SOF_BEFORE, "Invalid JPEG file structure: %s before SOF")
 JMESSAGE(JERR_SOF_DUPLICATE, "Invalid JPEG file structure: two SOF markers")
 JMESSAGE(JERR_SOF_NO_SOS, "Invalid JPEG file structure: missing SOS marker")
 JMESSAGE(JERR_SOF_UNSUPPORTED, "Unsupported JPEG process: SOF type 0x%02x")
 JMESSAGE(JERR_SOI_DUPLICATE, "Invalid JPEG file structure: two SOI markers")
-JMESSAGE(JERR_SOS_NO_SOF, "Invalid JPEG file structure: SOS before SOF")
 JMESSAGE(JERR_TFILE_CREATE, "Failed to create temporary file %s")
 JMESSAGE(JERR_TFILE_READ, "Read failed on temporary file")
 JMESSAGE(JERR_TFILE_SEEK, "Seek failed on temporary file")
          "Write failed on temporary file --- out of disk space?")
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