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rev 60542 : [mq]: 8245511-rev.3

@@ -132,16 +132,12 @@
   // The "actual" target threshold the algorithm wants to keep during and at the
   // end of marking. This is typically lower than the requested threshold, as the
   // algorithm needs to consider restrictions by the environment.
   size_t actual_target_threshold() const;
-  // This is used by Adaptive IHOP to sample the old gen allocation rate.
-  // Different from the regular old gen allocation rate, this method considers the
-  // humongous objects that can be reclaimed early by young GCs. Since we cannot
-  // track the life cycle of individual humongous objects, we assume that such
-  // objects were all newly allocated and not survivors, unless more were
-  // reclaimed than allocated.
+  // This method calculates the old gen allocation rate based on the net survived
+  // bytes that are allocated in the old generation in the last mutator period.
   double last_mutator_period_old_allocation_rate() const;
   virtual double last_marking_length_s() const { return _marking_times_s.last(); }
   G1AdaptiveIHOPControl(double ihop_percent,
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