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rev 12972 : 8140606: Update library code to use internal Unsafe
Reviewed-by: duke

@@ -30,11 +30,11 @@
     marker class in the hierarchy. All subclasses of this class are
     "magically" granted access by the VM to otherwise inaccessible
     fields and methods of other classes. It is used to hold the code
     for dynamically-generated FieldAccessorImpl and MethodAccessorImpl
     subclasses. (Use of the word "unsafe" was avoided in this class's
-    name to avoid confusion with {@link sun.misc.Unsafe}.) </P>
+    name to avoid confusion with {@link jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe}.) </P>
     <P> The bug fix for 4486457 also necessitated disabling
     verification for this class and all subclasses, as opposed to just
     SerializationConstructorAccessorImpl and subclasses, to avoid
     having to indicate to the VM which of these dynamically-generated