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rev 56637 : Add OM_CACHE_LINE_SIZE so that ObjectMonitor cache line sizes can be experimented with independently of DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE; for SPARC and X64 configs that use 128 for DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE, we are experimenting with 64; move _previous_owner_tid and _allocation_state fields to share the cache line with ObjectMonitor::_header; put ObjectMonitor::_ref_count on its own cache line after _owner; add 'int* count_p' parameter to deflate_monitor_list() and deflate_monitor_list_using_JT() and push counter updates down to where the ObjectMonitors are actually removed from the in-use lists; monitors_iterate() async deflation check should use negative ref_count; add 'JavaThread* target' param to deflate_per_thread_idle_monitors_using_JT() add deflate_common_idle_monitors_using_JT() to make it clear which JavaThread* is the target of the work and which is the calling JavaThread* (self); g_free_list, g_om_in_use_list and g_om_in_use_count are now static to synchronizer.cpp (reduce scope); add more diagnostic info to some assert()'s; minor code cleanups and code motion; save_om_ptr() should detect a race with a deflating thread that is bailing out and cause a retry when the ref_count field is not positive; merge with jdk-14+11; add special GC support for TestHumongousClassLoader.java; merge with 8230184.patch; merge with jdk-14+14; merge with jdk-14+18.

*** 38,47 **** --- 38,48 ---- // The expected size in bytes of a cache line, used to pad data structures. #if defined(TIERED) #ifdef _LP64 // tiered, 64-bit, large machine #define DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE 128 + #define OM_CACHE_LINE_SIZE 64 #else // tiered, 32-bit, medium machine #define DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE 64 #endif #elif defined(COMPILER1)
*** 50,59 **** --- 51,61 ---- #define DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE 32 #elif defined(COMPILER2) #ifdef _LP64 // pure C2, 64-bit, large machine #define DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE 128 + #define OM_CACHE_LINE_SIZE 64 #else // pure C2, 32-bit, medium machine #define DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE 64 #endif #endif
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