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rev 56635 : v2.00 -> v2.05 (CR5/v2.05/8-for-jdk13) patches combined into one; merge with 8229212.patch; merge with jdk-14+11; merge with 8230184.patch; merge with 8230876.patch; merge with jdk-14+15; merge with jdk-14+18.
rev 56638 : Merge the remainder of the lock-free monitor list changes from v2.06 with v2.06a and v2.06b after running the changes through the edit scripts; merge pieces from dcubed.monitor_deflate_conc.v2.06d in dcubed.monitor_deflate_conc.v2.06[ac]; merge pieces from dcubed.monitor_deflate_conc.v2.06e into dcubed.monitor_deflate_conc.v2.06c; merge with jdk-14+11; test work around for test/jdk/tools/jlink/multireleasejar/JLinkMultiReleaseJarTest.java should not been needed anymore; merge with jdk-14+18.
rev 56639 : loosen a couple more counter checks due to races observed in testing; simplify om_release() extraction of mid since list head or cur_mid_in_use is marked; simplify deflate_monitor_list() extraction of mid since there are no parallel deleters due to the safepoint; simplify deflate_monitor_list_using_JT() extraction of mid since list head or cur_mid_in_use is marked; prepend_block_to_lists() - simplify based on David H's comments; does not need load_acquire() or release_store() because of the cmpxchg(); prepend_to_common() - simplify to use mark_next_loop() for m and use mark_list_head() and release_store() for the non-empty list case; add more debugging for "Non-balanced monitor enter/exit" failure mode; fix race in inflate() in the "CASE: neutral" code path; install_displaced_markword_in_object() does not need to clear the header field since that is handled when the ObjectMonitor is moved from the global free list; LSuccess should clear boxReg to set ICC.ZF=1 to avoid depending on existing boxReg contents; update fast_unlock() to detect when object no longer refers to the same ObjectMonitor and take fast path exit instead; clarify fast_lock() code where we detect when object no longer refers to the same ObjectMonitor; add/update comments for movptr() calls where we move a literal into an Address; remove set_owner(); refactor setting of owner field into set_owner_from(2 versions), set_owner_from_BasicLock(), and try_set_owner_from(); the new functions include monitorinflation+owner logging; extract debug code from v2.06 and v2.07 and move to v2.07.debug; change 'jccb' -> 'jcc' and 'jmpb' -> 'jmp' as needed; checkpoint initial version of MacroAssembler::inc_om_ref_count(); update LP64 MacroAssembler::fast_lock() and fast_unlock() to use inc_om_ref_count(); fast_lock() return flag setting logic can use 'testptr(tmpReg, tmpReg)' instead of 'cmpptr(tmpReg, 0)' since that's more efficient; fast_unlock() LSuccess return flag setting logic can use 'testl (boxReg, 0)' instead of 'xorptr(boxReg, boxReg)' since that's more efficient; cleanup "fast-path" vs "fast path" and "slow-path" vs "slow path"; update MacroAssembler::rtm_inflated_locking() to use inc_om_ref_count(); update MacroAssembler::fast_lock() to preserve the flags before decrementing ref_count and restore the flags afterwards; this is more clean than depending on the contents of rax/tmpReg; coleenp CR - refactor async monitor deflation work from ServiceThread::service_thread_entry() to ObjectSynchronizer::deflate_idle_monitors_using_JT(); rehn,eosterlund CR - add support for HandshakeAfterDeflateIdleMonitors for platforms that don't have ObjectMonitor ref_count support implemented in C2 fast_lock() and fast_unlock().

@@ -103,10 +103,11 @@
     bool symboltable_work = false;
     bool resolved_method_table_work = false;
     bool thread_id_table_work = false;
     bool protection_domain_table_work = false;
     bool oopstorage_work = false;
+    bool deflate_idle_monitors = false;
     JvmtiDeferredEvent jvmti_event;
       // Need state transition ThreadBlockInVM so that this thread
       // will be handled by safepoint correctly when this thread is
       // notified at a safepoint.

@@ -129,14 +130,18 @@
               (stringtable_work = StringTable::has_work()) |
               (symboltable_work = SymbolTable::has_work()) |
               (resolved_method_table_work = ResolvedMethodTable::has_work()) |
               (thread_id_table_work = ThreadIdTable::has_work()) |
               (protection_domain_table_work = SystemDictionary::pd_cache_table()->has_work()) |
-              (oopstorage_work = OopStorage::has_cleanup_work_and_reset())
+              (oopstorage_work = OopStorage::has_cleanup_work_and_reset()) |
+              (deflate_idle_monitors = ObjectSynchronizer::is_async_deflation_needed())
              ) == 0) {
         // Wait until notified that there is some work to do.
-        ml.wait();
+        // If AsyncDeflateIdleMonitors, then we wait for
+        // GuaranteedSafepointInterval so that is_async_deflation_needed()
+        // is checked at the same interval.
+        ml.wait(AsyncDeflateIdleMonitors ? GuaranteedSafepointInterval : 0);
       if (has_jvmti_events) {
         jvmti_event = JvmtiDeferredEventQueue::dequeue();

@@ -181,10 +186,14 @@
     if (oopstorage_work) {
+    if (deflate_idle_monitors) {
+      ObjectSynchronizer::deflate_idle_monitors_using_JT();
+    }
 bool ServiceThread::is_service_thread(Thread* thread) {
   return thread == _instance;
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