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rev 49672 : 8200374: Add ThreadsSMRSupport::verify_hazard_pointer_scanned() to verify threads_do().
rev 49673 : Add missing NULL check; use proper lock-free get/set with TracingExport::_sampler_thread.
rev 49674 : Rename TracingExport::get_sampler_thread() to TracingExport::sampler_thread_acquire() and TracingExport::set_sampler_thread() to TracingExport::set_sampler_thread_with_lock(); set_sampler_thread_with_lock() uses Threads_lock toavoid conflicts with Thread-SMR scans.
rev 49675 : TracingExport::set_sampler_thread_with_lock() needs to verify assumptions and to use release_store().
3 lines changed: 2 ins; 0 del; 1 mod; 39 unchg

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