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Compare against: /work/shared/bug_hunt/8183909/8153224_base_for_jdk14/open
Compare against version:8235795.patch.cr0
Summary of changes: 138 lines changed: 55 ins; 54 del; 29 mod; 2511 unchg
Patch of changes: open.patch
Bug id: JDK-8235795 : replace monitor list mux{Acquire,Release}(&gListLock) with spin locks
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Cdiffs Udiffs Sdiffs Frames Old New Patch Raw src/hotspot/share/runtime/synchronizer.cpp

rev 57560 : imported patch 8235795.patch.cr0
rev 57561 : dholmes CR - refactor common code, refactor atomic load of LVars.population in monitors_used_above_threshold, simplify list walking in ObjectSynchronizer::om_release() so we lock fewer ObjectMonitors, remove unnecessary locking from ObjectSynchronizer::deflate_monitor_list(), add NoSafepointVerifier helpers to main list management functions, remove unnecessary storestore(), remove unnecessary comments, clarify/fix comments.
138 lines changed: 55 ins; 54 del; 29 mod; 2511 unchg

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