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@@ -465,12 +465,11 @@
   static void free_thread(OSThread* osthread);
   // thread id on Linux/64bit is 64bit, on Windows and Solaris, it's 32bit
   static intx current_thread_id();
   static int current_process_id();
-  // Implementation of java.lang.Thread.sleep for JavaThreads
-  static int sleep(JavaThread* thread, jlong ms);
   // Short standalone OS sleep routines suitable for slow path spin loop.
   // Ignores safepoints/suspension/Thread.interrupt() (so keep it short).
   // ms/ns = 0, will sleep for the least amount of time allowed by the OS.
   // Maximum sleep time is just under 1 second.
   static void naked_short_sleep(jlong ms);
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