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@@ -64,10 +64,14 @@
   // Method specifically creates ArrayStorageProperties::null_free and possibly flattened if possible
   // i.e. valueArrayOop if flattening can be done, else objArrayOop with "null free" storage properties
   static arrayOop        new_valueArray(Klass* klass, int length, TRAPS);
+  // Helper conversions from value to obj array...
+  static objArrayHandle  copy_valueArray_to_objArray(valueArrayHandle array, TRAPS);
+  static objArrayHandle  ensure_objArray(oop array, TRAPS); // copy into new objArray if not already an objArray
   // Helpers that return handles
   static objArrayHandle  new_objArray_handle(Klass* klass, int length, TRAPS);
   static typeArrayHandle new_byteArray_handle(int length, TRAPS);
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