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rev 48017 : [mq]: Access_strings

@@ -74,10 +74,17 @@
   //     HashtableEntry structures).  This is used in the String.intern() method.
   static unsigned int hash_string(const jchar* s, int len);
   static unsigned int hash_string(oop string);
   static unsigned int alt_hash_string(const jchar* s, int len);
+  // Accessors for the string roots in the hashtable entries.
+  // Use string_object_no_keepalive() only when the value is not returned
+  // outside of a scope where a thread transition is possible.
+  static oop string_object(HashtableEntry<oop, mtSymbol>* entry);
+  static oop string_object_no_keepalive(HashtableEntry<oop, mtSymbol>* entry);
+  static void set_string_object(HashtableEntry<oop, mtSymbol>* entry, oop string);
   StringTable() : RehashableHashtable<oop, mtSymbol>((int)StringTableSize,
                               sizeof (HashtableEntry<oop, mtSymbol>)) {}
   StringTable(HashtableBucket<mtSymbol>* t, int number_of_entries)
     : RehashableHashtable<oop, mtSymbol>((int)StringTableSize, sizeof (HashtableEntry<oop, mtSymbol>), t,
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