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*** 3184,3198 **** // other equal or higher priority threads that reside on the dispatch queues // of other CPUs. os::YieldResult os::NakedYield() { thr_yield(); return os::YIELD_UNKNOWN; } - void os::yield_all() { - // Yields to all threads, including threads with lower priorities - os::sleep(Thread::current(), 1, false); - } - // Interface for setting lwp priorities. If we are using T2 libthread, // which forces the use of BoundThreads or we manually set UseBoundThreads, // all of our threads will be assigned to real lwp's. Using the thr_setprio // function is meaningless in this mode so we must adjust the real lwp's priority // The routines below implement the getting and setting of lwp priorities. --- 3184,3193 ----