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rev 50967 : 8206977: Minor improvements of runtime code.

@@ -77,11 +77,11 @@
     case JVMFlag::MISSING_VALUE:
       buffer_concat(buffer, "parsing the textual form of the value."); break;
     case JVMFlag::NON_WRITABLE:
       buffer_concat(buffer, "flag is not writeable."); break;
     case JVMFlag::OUT_OF_BOUNDS:
-      print_flag_error_message_bounds(name, buffer); break;
+      if (name != NULL) { print_flag_error_message_bounds(name, buffer); } break;
       buffer_concat(buffer, "value violates its flag's constraint."); break;
     case JVMFlag::INVALID_FLAG:
       buffer_concat(buffer, "there is no flag with the given name."); break;
     case JVMFlag::ERR_OTHER:
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