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   * This exception is thrown when an authentication error occurs while
   * accessing the naming or directory service.
   * An authentication error can happen, for example, when the credentials
-  * supplied by the user program is invalid or otherwise fails to
+  * supplied by the user program are invalid or otherwise fail to
   * authenticate the user to the naming/directory service.
   * If the program wants to handle this exception in particular, it
   * should catch AuthenticationException explicitly before attempting to
   * catch NamingException. After catching AuthenticationException, the
   * program could reattempt the authentication by updating
   * the resolved context's environment properties with the appropriate
-  * appropriate credentials.
+  * credentials.
   * <p>
   * Synchronization and serialization issues that apply to NamingException
   * apply directly here.
   * @author Rosanna Lee