Module jdk.javadoc

Class StandardDoclet

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class StandardDoclet
extends Object
implements Doclet
This doclet generates HTML-formatted documentation for the specified modules, packages and types.

User-Defined Taglets

The standard doclet supports user-defined taglets, which can be used to generate customized output for user-defined tags in documentation comments. Taglets invoked by the standard doclet must return strings from Taglet.toString as follows:
Inline Tags
The returned string must be flow content, or any valid fragment of HTML code that may appear in the body of a document. There may be additional constraints, depending on how the tag is to be used in a documentation comment: for example, if the tag may be used within an inline element such as <b> or <i>, the taglet must not return a string containing block tags, like <h3> or <p>.
Block Tags
The returned string must be suitable content for a definition list, or <dl> element. It will typically be a series of pairs of <dt> and <dd> elements.
See Also:
Documentation Comment Specification for the Standard Doclet
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      public StandardDoclet()