Module jdk.jdi

Interface MonitorWaitedEvent

All Superinterfaces:
Event, Locatable, LocatableEvent, Mirror

public interface MonitorWaitedEvent
extends LocatableEvent
Notification that a thread in the target VM has finished waiting on an monitor object.
See Also:
EventQueue, MonitorWaitEvent
  • Method Details

    • thread

      ThreadReference thread()
      Returns the thread in which this event has occurred.
      Specified by:
      thread in interface LocatableEvent
      a ThreadReference which mirrors the event's thread in the target VM.
    • monitor

      ObjectReference monitor()
      Returns the monitor object this thread waited on.
      an ObjectReference for the monitor.
    • timedout

      boolean timedout()
      Returns whether the wait has timed out or been interrupted.
      true if the wait is timed out.