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rev 2896 : 6484965: G1: piggy-back liveness accounting phase on marking
Summary: Remove the separate counting phase of concurrent marking by tracking the amount of marked bytes and the cards spanned by marked objects in marking task/worker thread local data structures, which are updated as individual objects are marked.
Reviewed-by: brutisso

@@ -38,11 +38,10 @@
   double _vtime_start;  // Initial virtual time.
   double _vtime_accum;  // Accumulated virtual time.
   double _vtime_mark_accum;
-  double _vtime_count_accum;
   virtual void run();

@@ -67,12 +66,10 @@
   // Total virtual time so far.
   double vtime_accum();
   // Marking virtual time so far
   double vtime_mark_accum();
-  // Counting virtual time so far.
-  double vtime_count_accum() { return _vtime_count_accum; }
   ConcurrentMark* cm()     { return _cm; }
   void set_started()       { assert(!_in_progress, "cycle in progress"); _started = true;  }
   void clear_started()     { assert(_in_progress, "must be starting a cycle"); _started = false; }