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rev 2870 : 7117303: VM uses non-monotonic time source and complains that it is non-monotonic
Summary: Replaces calls to os::javaTimeMillis(), which does not guarantee montonicity, in GC code to os::javaTimeNanos() with a suitable conversion factor. os::javaTimeNanos is guaranteed monotonic if the underlying platform provides a monotonic timesource. Changes in OS files are to make use of the newly defined constants in globalDefinitions.hpp.
Reviewed-by: dholmes

@@ -414,11 +414,11 @@
   // in progress.
   virtual jlong time_of_last_gc(jlong now) {
     // XXX See note in genCollectedHeap::millis_since_last_gc()
       if (now < _time_of_last_gc) {
-        warning("time warp: %d to %d", _time_of_last_gc, now);
+        warning("time warp: "INT64_FORMAT" to "INT64_FORMAT, _time_of_last_gc, now);
     return _time_of_last_gc;