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rev 2870 : 7117303: VM uses non-monotonic time source and complains that it is non-monotonic
Summary: Replaces calls to os::javaTimeMillis(), which does not guarantee montonicity, in GC code to os::javaTimeNanos() with a suitable conversion factor. os::javaTimeNanos is guaranteed monotonic if the underlying platform provides a monotonic timesource. Changes in OS files are to make use of the newly defined constants in globalDefinitions.hpp.
Reviewed-by: dholmes

@@ -173,10 +173,13 @@
 const int MILLIUNITS    = 1000;         // milli units per base unit
 const int MICROUNITS    = 1000000;      // micro units per base unit
 const int NANOUNITS     = 1000000000;   // nano units per base unit
+const jlong NANOSECS_PER_SEC      = CONST64(1000000000);
+const jint  NANOSECS_PER_MILLISEC = 1000000;
 inline const char* proper_unit_for_byte_size(size_t s) {
   if (s >= 10*M) {
     return "M";
   } else if (s >= 10*K) {
     return "K";