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rev 3708 : 8000244: G1: Ergonomically set MarkStackSize and use virtual space for global marking stack
Summary: Set the value of MarkStackSize to a value based on the number of parallel marking threads with a reasonable minimum. Expand the marking stack if we have to restart marking due to an overflow up to a reasonable maximum. Allocate the underlying space for the marking stack from virtual memory.
Reviewed-by: jmasa

@@ -2077,19 +2077,23 @@
    // evacuation pause.
   // Create the ConcurrentMark data structure and thread.
   // (Must do this late, so that "max_regions" is defined.)
-  _cm       = new ConcurrentMark(heap_rs, max_regions());
+  _cm = new ConcurrentMark(this, heap_rs);
+  if (_cm == NULL || !_cm->completed_initialization()) {
+    vm_shutdown_during_initialization("Could not create/initialize ConcurrentMark");
+    return JNI_ENOMEM;
+  }
   _cmThread = _cm->cmThread();
   // Initialize the from_card cache structure of HeapRegionRemSet.
   // Now expand into the initial heap size.
   if (!expand(init_byte_size)) {
-    vm_exit_during_initialization("Failed to allocate initial heap.");
+    vm_shutdown_during_initialization("Failed to allocate initial heap.");
     return JNI_ENOMEM;
   // Perform any initialization actions delegated to the policy.