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rev 4278 : [mq]: 8009536-fix
rev 4279 : 8009940: G1: assert(_finger == _heap_end) failed, concurrentMark.cpp:809
Summary: Skip reference processing if the global marking stack overflows during remark. Do not call set_phase() from within parallel reference processing; use reset_for_reuse() instead. CMTask-0 should reset the marking state only during the concurrent phase of the marking cycle; if an overflow occurs at any stage during the remark, the marking state will be reset after reference processing.

@@ -489,13 +489,16 @@
   // We do this after we're done with marking so that the marking data
   // structures are initialised to a sensible and predictable state.
   void set_non_marking_state();
+  // Called to indicate how many threads are currently active.
+  void set_concurrency(uint active_tasks);
   // It should be called to indicate which phase we're in (concurrent
   // mark or remark) and how many threads are currently active.
-  void set_phase(uint active_tasks, bool concurrent);
+  void set_concurrency_and_phase(uint active_tasks, bool concurrent);
   // prints all gathered CM-related statistics
   void print_stats();
   bool cleanup_list_is_empty() {