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Prepared by:johnc on Thu May 2 11:42:27 PDT 2013
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rev 4462 : 8005032: G1: Cleanup serial reference processing closures in concurrent marking
Summary: Reuse the parallel reference processing oop closures during serial reference processing.
Reviewed-by: brutisso
rev 4463 : 8009536: G1: Apache Lucene hang during reference processing
Summary: In CMTask::do_marking_step(), Skip offering termination and entering the first and second synchronization barriers if called from a serial context, i.e. the VM thread.
Reviewed-by: brutisso, tschatzl
rev 4464 : 8009940: G1: assert(_finger == _heap_end) failed, concurrentMark.cpp:809
Summary: Skip reference processing if the global marking stack overflows during remark. Refactor and rename set_phase(); move code that sets the concurrency level into its own routine. Do not call set_phase() from within parallel reference processing; use the concurrency level routine instead. The marking state should only set reset by CMTask[0] during the concurrent phase of the marking cycle; if an overflow occurs at any stage during the remark, the marking state will be reset after reference processing.
Reviewed-by: brutisso, jmasa
rev 4465 : 8008301: G1: guarantee(satb_mq_set.completed_buffers_num() == 0) failure
Summary: If the marking stack overflows while the marking tasks are draining the SATB buffers, remark will exit with some SATB buffers left unprocessed. Relax the guarantee to allow for overflow.
Reviewed-by: jmasa, brutisso
21 lines changed: 17 ins; 3 del; 1 mod; 4522 unchg

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