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rev 7249 : 8061748: Remove check_ct_logs_at_safepoint()
Summary: Remove unused function and related closure class
Contributed-by: kim.barrett@oracle.com

@@ -795,13 +795,10 @@
   DirtyCardQueueSet _dirty_card_queue_set;
   // The closure used to refine a single card.
   RefineCardTableEntryClosure* _refine_cte_cl;
-  // A function to check the consistency of dirty card logs.
-  void check_ct_logs_at_safepoint();
   // A DirtyCardQueueSet that is used to hold cards that contain
   // references into the current collection set. This is used to
   // update the remembered sets of the regions in the collection
   // set in the event of an evacuation failure.
   DirtyCardQueueSet _into_cset_dirty_card_queue_set;
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