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rev 11252 : 8222746: Cleanup third-party legal files

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 ## Independent JPEG Group (IJG) JPEG v9c
 ### IJG License
  * jcapimin.c
  * Copyright (C) 1994-1998, Thomas G. Lane.
  * Modified 2003-2010 by Guido Vollbeding.
  * This file is part of the Independent JPEG Group's software.
  * For conditions of distribution and use, see the accompanying README file.
 [From the README file]
 The authors make NO WARRANTY or representation, either express or implied,
 with respect to this software, its quality, accuracy, merchantability, or
 fitness for a particular purpose.  This software is provided "AS IS", and you,
 its user, assume the entire risk as to its quality and accuracy.

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 We specifically permit and encourage the use of this software as the basis of
 commercial products, provided that all warranty or liability claims are
 assumed by the product vendor.
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