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@@ -3793,11 +3793,11 @@
 // Run the specified command in a separate process. Return its exit value,
 // or -1 on failure (e.g. can't fork a new process).
 // Unlike system(), this function can be called from signal handler. It
 // doesn't block SIGINT et al.
-int os::fork_and_exec(char* cmd) {
+int os::fork_and_exec(char* cmd, bool use_vfork_if_available) {
   const char * argv[4] = {"sh", "-c", cmd, NULL};
   // fork() in BsdThreads/NPTL is not async-safe. It needs to run
   // pthread_atfork handlers and reset pthread library. All we need is a
   // separate process to execve. Make a direct syscall to fork process.
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