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@@ -55,10 +55,17 @@
 \  --require <module-name>       Finds dependences matching the given module\n\
 \                                name (may be given multiple times). --package,\n\
 \                                --regex, --require are mutual exclusive.
+\  --missing-deps                Finds missing dependences.  This option\n\
+\                                cannot be used with -p, -e and -s options.
+\  --ignore-missing-deps         Ignore missing dependences.
  \Options to filter classes to be analyzed:\n\
 \  -include <regex>              Restrict analysis to classes matching pattern\n\
 \                                This option filters the list of classes to\n\
 \                                be analyzed.  It can be used together with\n\

@@ -155,13 +162,13 @@
 \                                used with -p, -e and -s options.\n\
 \                                WARNING: JDK internal APIs are inaccessible.
 \  --list-deps                   Lists the module dependences.  It also prints\n\
-\                                any JDK internal API packages if referenced.\n\
-\                                This option does not show dependences on the\n\
-\                                class path or not found.
+\                                any internal API packages if referenced.\n\
+\                                This option transitively analyzes libraries on\n\
+\                                class path and module path if referenced.  
 \  --list-reduced-deps           Same as --list-deps with not listing\n\
 \                                the implied reads edges from the module graph.\n\
 \                                If module M1 reads M2, and M2 requires\n\

@@ -205,10 +212,14 @@
 err.filter.not.specified=--package (-p), --regex (-e), --require option must be specified
 err.multirelease.option.exists={0} is not a multi-release jar file but --multi-release option is set
 err.multirelease.option.notfound={0} is a multi-release jar file but --multi-release option is not set
 err.multirelease.version.associated=class {0} already associated with version {1}, trying to add version {2}
 err.multirelease.jar.malformed=malformed multi-release jar, {0}, bad entry: {1}
+Missing dependencies from the module path and classpath.\n\
+To suppress this error, use --ignore-missing-deps to continue.
 warn.invalid.arg=Path does not exist: {0}
 warn.split.package=split package: {0} {1}
 JDK internal APIs are unsupported and private to JDK implementation that are\n\
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