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rev 13142 : 8183198: Factor out thread state serialization into a proper helper function

@@ -105,10 +105,15 @@
   // On error, it will return NULL and set errno. The content of 'outbuf' is undefined.
   // On truncation error ('outbuf' too small), it will return NULL and set errno to ENAMETOOLONG.
   static char* realpath(const char* filename, char* outbuf, size_t outbuflen);
+// On POSIX platforms the signal handler is global so we just do the write.
+static void write_memory_serialize_page_with_handler(JavaThread* thread) {
+  write_memory_serialize_page(thread);
  * Crash protection for the watcher thread. Wrap the callback
  * with a sigsetjmp and in case of a SIGSEGV/SIGBUS we siglongjmp
  * back.
  * To be able to use this - don't take locks, don't rely on destructors,
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