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@@ -122,15 +122,14 @@
         // Test various oops encodings, by varying ObjectAlignmentInBytes and heap sizes
         testDump(9, "-XX:+UseG1GC", "-XX:ObjectAlignmentInBytes=8", null, false);
         testExec(9, "-XX:+UseG1GC", "-XX:ObjectAlignmentInBytes=16",
                  OBJ_ALIGNMENT_MISMATCH, true);
-        // See JDK-8081416 - Oops encoding mismatch with shared strings
-        // produces unclear or incorrect warning
-        // Correct the test case once the above is fixed
-        // @ignore JDK-8081416 - for tracking purposes
-        // for now, run test as is until the proper behavior is determined
+        // Max heap size for compressed oops is around 31G. UseCompressedOops is turned on
+        // by default when heap size is under 31G, but will be turned off when heap size
+        // is greater than that. This test leads to inconsistency of UseCompressedOops at dump
+        // time and runtime.
         testDump(10, "-XX:+UseG1GC", "-Xmx1g", null, false);
         testExec(10, "-XX:+UseG1GC", "-Xmx32g", null, true);
         // CompactStrings must match between dump time and run time
         testDump(11, "-XX:+UseG1GC", "-XX:-CompactStrings", null, false);
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