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@@ -28,11 +28,11 @@
 // file:
 //  Little Color Management System
-//  Copyright (c) 1998-2017 Marti Maria Saguer
+//  Copyright (c) 1998-2020 Marti Maria Saguer
 // Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
 // a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"),
 // to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation
 // the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense,

@@ -121,10 +121,16 @@
 CMSAPI cmsBool            CMSEXPORT _cmsMAT3inverse(const cmsMAT3* a, cmsMAT3* b);
 CMSAPI cmsBool            CMSEXPORT _cmsMAT3solve(cmsVEC3* x, cmsMAT3* a, cmsVEC3* b);
 CMSAPI void               CMSEXPORT _cmsMAT3eval(cmsVEC3* r, const cmsMAT3* a, const cmsVEC3* v);
+// MD5 low level  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
+CMSAPI cmsHANDLE          CMSEXPORT cmsMD5alloc(cmsContext ContextID);
+CMSAPI void               CMSEXPORT cmsMD5add(cmsHANDLE Handle, const cmsUInt8Number* buf, cmsUInt32Number len);
+CMSAPI void               CMSEXPORT cmsMD5finish(cmsProfileID* ProfileID, cmsHANDLE Handle);
 // Error logging  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 CMSAPI void               CMSEXPORT  cmsSignalError(cmsContext ContextID, cmsUInt32Number ErrorCode, const char *ErrorText, ...);
 // Memory management ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

@@ -282,13 +288,13 @@
 // Interpolation callbacks
 // 16 bits forward interpolation. This function performs precision-limited linear interpolation
 // and is supposed to be quite fast. Implementation may be tetrahedral or trilinear, and plug-ins may
 // choose to implement any other interpolation algorithm.
-typedef void (* _cmsInterpFn16)(register const cmsUInt16Number Input[],
-                                register cmsUInt16Number Output[],
-                                register const struct _cms_interp_struc* p);
+typedef void (* _cmsInterpFn16)(CMSREGISTER const cmsUInt16Number Input[],
+                                CMSREGISTER cmsUInt16Number Output[],
+                                CMSREGISTER const struct _cms_interp_struc* p);
 // Floating point forward interpolation. Full precision interpolation using floats. This is not a
 // time critical function. Implementation may be tetrahedral or trilinear, and plug-ins may
 // choose to implement any other interpolation algorithm.
 typedef void (* _cmsInterpFnFloat)(cmsFloat32Number const Input[],

@@ -367,14 +373,14 @@
 // cmsFloat32Number (bps = 4) or double (bps = 0) types are requested via FormatterFloat callback. Others come across
 // Formatter16 callback
 struct _cmstransform_struct;
-typedef cmsUInt8Number* (* cmsFormatter16)(register struct _cmstransform_struct* CMMcargo,
-                                           register cmsUInt16Number Values[],
-                                           register cmsUInt8Number* Buffer,
-                                           register cmsUInt32Number Stride);
+typedef cmsUInt8Number* (* cmsFormatter16)(CMSREGISTER struct _cmstransform_struct* CMMcargo,
+                                           CMSREGISTER cmsUInt16Number Values[],
+                                           CMSREGISTER cmsUInt8Number* Buffer,
+                                           CMSREGISTER cmsUInt32Number Stride);
 typedef cmsUInt8Number* (* cmsFormatterFloat)(struct _cmstransform_struct* CMMcargo,
                                               cmsFloat32Number Values[],
                                               cmsUInt8Number*  Buffer,
                                               cmsUInt32Number  Stride);

@@ -568,13 +574,13 @@
 // Optimization. Using this plug-in, additional optimization strategies may be implemented.
 // The function should return TRUE if any optimization is done on the LUT, this terminates
 // the optimization  search. Or FALSE if it is unable to optimize and want to give a chance
 // to the rest of optimizers.
-typedef void     (* _cmsOPTeval16Fn)(register const cmsUInt16Number In[],
-                                     register cmsUInt16Number Out[],
-                                     register const void* Data);
+typedef void     (* _cmsOPTeval16Fn)(CMSREGISTER const cmsUInt16Number In[],
+                                     CMSREGISTER cmsUInt16Number Out[],
+                                     CMSREGISTER const void* Data);
 typedef cmsBool  (* _cmsOPToptimizeFn)(cmsPipeline** Lut,
                                        cmsUInt32Number  Intent,
                                        cmsUInt32Number* InputFormat,
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