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rev 12783 : 8135248: Add utility methods to check indexes and ranges
rev 12545 : 8133188: docs: replace <tt> tags (obsolete in html5) for java.util
Reviewed-by: martin
rev 12358 : Merge
rev 12351 : 8076112: Add @HotSpotIntrinsicCandidate annotation to indicate methods for which Java Runtime has intrinsics
Summary: Annotate possibly intrinsified methods with @HotSpotIntrinsicCandidate. Add checks omitted by intrinsics to the library code. Add CheckIntrinsics flags to check consistency of intrinsics.
Reviewed-by: jrose, kvn, thartmann, vlivanov, abuckley, darcy, ascarpino, briangoetz, alanb, aph, dnsimon
rev 12319 : 6260652: (coll) Arrays.asList(x).toArray().getClass() should be Object[].class
Summary: return Arrays.copyOf(a, a.length, Object[].class)
Reviewed-by: igerasim, psandoz
rev 11515 : 8074043: java.util.Arrays setAll and parallelSetAll subrange note
Reviewed-by: smarks
rev 11098 : 8067377: My hobby: caning, then then canning, the the can-can
Summary: Fix ALL the stutters!
Reviewed-by: rriggs, mchung, lancea
rev 10596 : 8056951: pico-optimize contains(Object) methods
Summary: use idiiom >= 0 consistently to check for valid index
Reviewed-by: mduigou
rev 10469 : 8054834: Modular Source Code
Reviewed-by: alanb, chegar, ihse, mduigou
189 lines changed: 188 ins; 1 del; 0 mod; 5187 unchg

------ ------ ------ ------ --- New Patch Raw test/java/util/Arrays/

rev 12783 : 8135248: Add utility methods to check indexes and ranges
200 lines changed: 200 ins; 0 del; 0 mod; 0 unchg

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