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rev 56251 : imported patch 8226705-v1
rev 56253 : [mq]: 8226705-v3-pat

@@ -188,16 +188,18 @@
   static bool enabled();
   // This should be called by JavaThreads to revoke the bias of an object
   static void revoke(Handle obj, TRAPS);
+  // This must only be called by a JavaThread to revoke the bias of an owned object.
+  static void revoke_own_lock(Handle obj, TRAPS);
   static void revoke_at_safepoint(Handle obj);
   // These are used by deoptimization to ensure that monitors on the stack
   // can be migrated
   static void revoke(GrowableArray<Handle>* objs, JavaThread *biaser);
-  static void revoke_at_safepoint(GrowableArray<Handle>* objs);
   static void print_counters() { _counters.print(); }
   static BiasedLockingCounters* counters() { return &_counters; }
   // These routines are GC-related and should not be called by end
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