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rev 13265 : 8180932: Parallelize safepoint cleanup
Summary: Provide infrastructure to do safepoint cleanup tasks using parallel worker threads
Reviewed-by: dholmes, rehn, dcubed, thartmann

@@ -2061,10 +2061,11 @@
   static void add(JavaThread* p, bool force_daemon = false);
   static void remove(JavaThread* p);
   static bool includes(JavaThread* p);
   static JavaThread* first()                     { return _thread_list; }
   static void threads_do(ThreadClosure* tc);
+  static void parallel_java_threads_do(ThreadClosure* tc);
   // Initializes the vm and creates the vm thread
   static jint create_vm(JavaVMInitArgs* args, bool* canTryAgain);
   static void convert_vm_init_libraries_to_agents();
   static void create_vm_init_libraries();
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