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rev 47680 : 8189171: Move GC argument processing into GC specific classes

@@ -470,12 +470,11 @@
   static void set_g1_gc_flags();
   // GC ergonomics
   static void set_conservative_max_heap_alignment();
   static void set_use_compressed_oops();
   static void set_use_compressed_klass_ptrs();
-  static void select_gc();
-  static void set_ergonomics_flags();
+  static jint set_ergonomics_flags();
   static void set_shared_spaces_flags();
   // limits the given memory size by the maximum amount of memory this process is
   // currently allowed to allocate or reserve.
   static julong limit_by_allocatable_memory(julong size);
   // Setup heap size

@@ -633,12 +632,10 @@
   static jint apply_ergo();
   // Adjusts the arguments after the OS have adjusted the arguments
   static jint adjust_after_os();
   static void set_gc_specific_flags();
-  static bool gc_selected(); // whether a gc has been selected
-  static void select_gc_ergonomically();
   // Check consistency of jvmci vm argument settings.
   static bool check_jvmci_args_consistency();
   static void set_jvmci_specific_flags();
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