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rev 51946 : 8211270: GC abstraction to get real object and headers size

@@ -574,10 +574,14 @@
   // Deduplicate the string, iff the GC supports string deduplication.
   virtual void deduplicate_string(oop str);
   virtual bool is_oop(oop object) const;
+  virtual size_t obj_size(oop obj) const;
+  virtual size_t obj_header_size() const;
+  virtual size_t array_header_size(BasicType element_type) const;
   // Non product verification and debugging.
 #ifndef PRODUCT
   // Support for PromotionFailureALot.  Return true if it's time to cause a
   // promotion failure.  The no-argument version uses
   // this->_promotion_failure_alot_count as the counter.
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