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rev 9032 : 8215265: C2: range check elimination may allow illegal out of bound access
Reviewed-by: thartmann, kvn

@@ -957,11 +957,11 @@
   // always holds true.  That is, either increase the number of iterations in
   // the pre-loop or the post-loop until the condition holds true in the main
   // loop.  Scale_con, offset and limit are all loop invariant.
   void add_constraint( int stride_con, int scale_con, Node *offset, Node *low_limit, Node *upper_limit, Node *pre_ctrl, Node **pre_limit, Node **main_limit );
   // Helper function for add_constraint().
-  Node* adjust_limit( int stride_con, Node * scale, Node *offset, Node *rc_limit, Node *loop_limit, Node *pre_ctrl );
+  Node* adjust_limit(int stride_con, Node * scale, Node *offset, Node *rc_limit, Node *loop_limit, Node *pre_ctrl, bool round_up);
   // Partially peel loop up through last_peel node.
   bool partial_peel( IdealLoopTree *loop, Node_List &old_new );
   // Create a scheduled list of nodes control dependent on ctrl set.
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