OpenJDK Bug Tracking Project

We are finally embarking on the path to deploy a unified public bug tracking system. The single bug tracking system that meets the needs of OpenJDK is long overdue.

As you probably well know there are multiple systems that are used today for bug and fix tracking for the a. The internal Oracle bug tracking system, named Bugtraq, is used to track Bugs and RFEs. A subset of those bugs/RFEs are then made public on External submission of bugs are made through Contributions can be submitted and tracked at The functionality of these systems will be unified into a single bug tracking system.

Here is an initial draft of the list of requirements for the system. First though, a couple of assumptions:...
a) We do not want to develop a bug tracking system. There are many great solutions out there, and we want to focus on OpenJDK, rather than building yet another bug tracking system.
b) We want to define the requirements rather then choose a system and then work to meet the requirements within that system. Once the requirements are identified, possible candidate systems will be reviewed, and then the best solution that meets those requirements will be selected.

Below are high-level requirements that have been collected:

1. View Bugs (by far the largest group): Anyone in the world with a web browser
2. Vote, watch, add comments, submit bugs: End users, Java Developers, OpenJDK developers
3. Update bugs: Java Developers who submitted the bug, OpenJDK developers
4. Ownership of bugs: Open JDK Developers
6. Create/Change categories, manage users, manage data , Admins

An email will be sent to where requirements can be discussed. Again, we ideally would like to have requirements discussed, bug tracking systems can be suggested, we would prefer to limit the discussion of solution systems.