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rev 8822 : 8024854: PPC64: Basic changes and files to build the class library on AIX
Reviewed-by: alanb, prr, sla, chegar, michaelm, mullan, art

@@ -961,11 +961,11 @@
             optlen = sizeof(optval.i);
     if (NET_SetSockOpt(fd, level, optname, (const void *)&optval, optlen) < 0) {
-#ifdef __solaris__
+#if defined(__solaris__) || defined(_AIX)
         if (errno == EINVAL) {
             // On Solaris setsockopt will set errno to EINVAL if the socket
             // is closed. The default error message is then confusing
             char fullMsg[128];
             jio_snprintf(fullMsg, sizeof(fullMsg), "Invalid option or socket reset by remote peer");