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rev 7618 : 8062063: Usage of UseHugeTLBFS, UseLargePagesInMetaspace and huge SurvivorAlignmentInBytes cause crashes in CMBitMapClosure::do_bit
Summary: Making sure committed memory is cleared when re-committed, even if using large pages.
rev 7619 : [mq]: clear-in-listener
rev 7620 : [mq]: needs-zeroing-to-dirty

@@ -47,13 +47,15 @@
   size_t _page_size;
   // Bitmap used for verification of commit/uncommit operations.
   BitMap _committed;
-  // For _special spaces we need to keep track if the memory needs to be zeroed
-  // after commit or not.
-  BitMap _needs_zeroing;
+  // Bitmap used to keep track of which pages are dirty or not for _special
+  // spaces. This is needed because for those spaces the underlying memory
+  // will only be zero filled the first time it is committed. Calls to commit
+  // will use this bitmap and return whether or not the memory is zero filled.
+  BitMap _dirty;
   // Indicates that the entire space has been committed and pinned in memory,
   // os::commit_memory() or os::uncommit_memory() have no function.
   bool _special;
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