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rev 47825 : 8189733: Cleanup Full GC setup and tear down

@@ -124,10 +124,11 @@
   friend class VM_G1CollectForAllocation;
   friend class VM_G1CollectFull;
   friend class VM_G1IncCollectionPause;
   friend class VMStructs;
   friend class MutatorAllocRegion;
+  friend class G1FullCollector;
   friend class G1GCAllocRegion;
   friend class G1HeapVerifier;
   // Closures used in implementation.
   friend class G1ParScanThreadState;

@@ -515,11 +516,10 @@
                                       AllocationContext_t context,
                                       bool* succeeded);
   // Internal helpers used during full GC to split it up to
   // increase readability.
-  void do_full_collection_inner(G1FullGCScope* scope);
   void abort_concurrent_cycle();
   void verify_before_full_collection(bool explicit_gc);
   void prepare_heap_for_full_collection();
   void prepare_heap_for_mutators();
   void abort_refinement();
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