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rev 2110 : [mq]: is-debugger-present

*** 490,499 **** --- 490,505 ---- static void print_date_and_time(outputStream* st); static void print_location(outputStream* st, intptr_t x, bool verbose = false); static size_t lasterror(char *buf, size_t len); + // Determines whether the calling process is being debugged by a user-mode debugger. + static bool is_debugger_attached(); + + // check if a debugger is attached and if so, wait for a key press + static void os::check_for_debugger_and_wait(void); + // The following two functions are used by fatal error handler to trace // native (C) frames. They are not part of frame.hpp/frame.cpp because // frame.hpp/cpp assume thread is JavaThread, and also because different // OS/compiler may have different convention or provide different API to // walk C frames.