Test run requires the following keyboard layouts to be installed: Linux OS: English (US, alternative international) Windows OS: Hungarian A keyboard layout having compose function or compose-like key. Programmer Dvorak (http://www.kaufmann.no/roland/dvorak/) is suggested to use. To test JDK-8000423 fix (Linux only!): please switch to US alternative international layout and try to type diacritics (using the following combinations: `+e; `+u; etc.) To test JDK-7197619 fix (Windows only!): please switch to Hungarian keyboard layout and try to type diacritics (Ctrl+Alt+2 e; Ctrl+Alt+2 E) To test JDK-8139189 fix: please switch to Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout try to type diacritics using compose combinations (Compose+z+d, Compose+z+Shift+d). The Compose key in Programmer Dvorak layout is OEM102 the key which is located between Left Shift and Z keys on the standard 102-key keyboard. If you can do that then the test is passed; otherwise failed.