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@@ -250,12 +250,12 @@
   // other thread.  (They should spin or block instead.  The 0 value
   // is transient and *should* be short-lived).
   static markWord INFLATING() { return zero(); }    // inflate-in-progress
   // Should this header be preserved during GC?
-  inline bool must_be_preserved(oop obj_containing_mark) const;
-  inline bool must_be_preserved_with_bias(oop obj_containing_mark) const;
+  template <typename KlassProxy>
+  inline bool must_be_preserved(KlassProxy klass) const;
   // Should this header (including its age bits) be preserved in the
   // case of a promotion failure during scavenge?
   // Note that we special case this situation. We want to avoid
   // calling BiasedLocking::preserve_marks()/restore_marks() (which

@@ -270,19 +270,18 @@
   // place in which to call them in any of the scavengers (although
   // guarded by appropriate locks we could make one), but the
   // observation is that promotion failures are quite rare and
   // reducing the number of mark words preserved during them isn't a
   // high priority.
-  inline bool must_be_preserved_for_promotion_failure(oop obj_containing_mark) const;
-  inline bool must_be_preserved_with_bias_for_promotion_failure(oop obj_containing_mark) const;
+  template <typename KlassProxy>
+  inline bool must_be_preserved_for_promotion_failure(KlassProxy klass) const;
   // Should this header be preserved during a scavenge where CMS is
   // the old generation?
   // (This is basically the same body as must_be_preserved_for_promotion_failure(),
   // but takes the Klass* as argument instead)
   inline bool must_be_preserved_for_cms_scavenge(Klass* klass_of_obj_containing_mark) const;
-  inline bool must_be_preserved_with_bias_for_cms_scavenge(Klass* klass_of_obj_containing_mark) const;
   // WARNING: The following routines are used EXCLUSIVELY by
   // synchronization functions. They are not really gc safe.
   // They must get updated if markWord layout get changed.
   markWord set_unlocked() const {

@@ -370,11 +369,11 @@
   static markWord prototype() {
     return markWord( no_hash_in_place | no_lock_in_place );
   // Helper function for restoration of unmarked mark oops during GC
-  static inline markWord prototype_for_object(oop obj);
+  static inline markWord prototype_for_klass(const Klass* klass);
   // Debugging
   void print_on(outputStream* st) const;
   // Prepare address of oop for placement into mark
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