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@@ -70,18 +70,10 @@
   static unsigned int _data_cache_line_flush_size;
   static VirtualizationType _detected_virtualization;
-  // Called as part of the runtime services initialization which is
-  // called from the management module initialization (via init_globals())
-  // after argument parsing and attaching of the main thread has
-  // occurred.  Examines a variety of the hardware capabilities of
-  // the platform to determine which features can be used to execute the
-  // program.
-  static void initialize() { }
   // This allows for early initialization of VM_Version information
   // that may be needed later in the initialization sequence but before
   // full VM_Version initialization is possible. It can not depend on any
   // other part of the VM being initialized when called. Platforms that
   // need to specialize this define VM_Version::early_initialize().
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