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@@ -217,11 +217,11 @@
       // parsing of the list, if any, may fail to see other entries),
       // the content of the prt must be visible (else for instance
       // some mark bits may not yet seem cleared or a 'later' update
       // performed by a concurrent thread could be undone when the
       // zeroing becomes visible). This requires store ordering.
-      OrderAccess::release_store(&_fine_grain_regions[ind], prt);
+      Atomic::release_store(&_fine_grain_regions[ind], prt);
       // Transfer from sparse to fine-grain.
       SparsePRTEntry *sprt_entry = _sparse_table.get_entry(from_hrm_ind);
       assert(sprt_entry != NULL, "There should have been an entry");
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