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@@ -806,12 +806,13 @@
     // If another thread resolved the reference, this is a race condition. This
     // thread may have had a security manager or something temporary.
     // This doesn't deterministically get an error.   So why do we save this?
     // We save this because jvmti can add classes to the bootclass path after
     // this error, so it needs to get the same error if the error is first.
-    jbyte old_tag = Atomic::cmpxchg((jbyte)error_tag,
-                            (jbyte*)this_cp->tag_addr_at(which), (jbyte)tag.value());
+    jbyte old_tag = Atomic::cmpxchg((jbyte*)this_cp->tag_addr_at(which),
+                                    (jbyte)tag.value(),
+                                    (jbyte)error_tag);
     if (old_tag != error_tag && old_tag != tag.value()) {
       // MethodHandles and MethodType doesn't change to resolved version.
       assert(this_cp->tag_at(which).is_klass(), "Wrong tag value");
       // Forget the exception and use the resolved class.
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