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@@ -502,11 +502,11 @@
   // it for use during safepoint cleanup. This is only possible
   // if the GC can pause and resume concurrent work (e.g. G1
   // concurrent marking) for an intermittent non-GC safepoint.
   // If this method returns NULL, SafepointSynchronize will
   // perform cleanup tasks serially in the VMThread.
-  virtual WorkGang* get_safepoint_workers() { return NULL; }
+  virtual WorkGang* safepoint_workers() { return NULL; }
   // Support for object pinning. This is used by JNI Get*Critical()
   // and Release*Critical() family of functions. If supported, the GC
   // must guarantee that pinned objects never move.
   virtual bool supports_object_pinning() const;
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