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@@ -129,10 +129,12 @@
   inline HeapWord* region_start() const;
   inline HeapWord* region_end() const;
   inline size_t    region_size() const;
   inline size_t    size() const;
+  size_t reserved_byte_size() const { return _reserved_byte_size; }
   // Convert a heap address to/from a bit index.
   inline idx_t     addr_to_bit(HeapWord* addr) const;
   inline HeapWord* bit_to_addr(idx_t bit) const;
   // Return the bit index of the first marked object that begins (or ends,

@@ -174,14 +176,15 @@
   HeapWord*       _region_start;
   size_t          _region_size;
   BitMap          _beg_bits;
   BitMap          _end_bits;
   PSVirtualSpace* _virtual_space;
+  size_t          _reserved_byte_size;
 inline ParMarkBitMap::ParMarkBitMap():
-  _beg_bits(), _end_bits(), _region_start(NULL), _region_size(0), _virtual_space(NULL)
+  _beg_bits(), _end_bits(), _region_start(NULL), _region_size(0), _virtual_space(NULL), _reserved_byte_size(0)
 { }
 inline void ParMarkBitMap::clear_range(idx_t beg, idx_t end)
   _beg_bits.clear_range(beg, end);